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Wedding menus

Every year we develop new menu proposals based on traditional recipes but adapted to the current cuisine. Our gastronomy will not leave indifferent both, the bride, the bridegroom nor the guest.

Wedding menus 1
Wedding menus 2
Wedding menus 3


Steamed or Grilled Prawns with Quiche Sea Urchin Grilled

Cream of Monkfish and Clams

Boneless stuffed with Praw Sauce

Baked Loon Kid with Risolated Potatoes


Monkfish's Cocktail and Prawns with Pepper Vinaigrette

Cream of Crayfish

Shark on Back with Cockles and Steamed Potatoes Lamb

Lamb with Grilled Pineapple and Boniato Chips


Plato Selection of Seafood (Crab, prawns and shrimp from Huelva)

Cream of Nécoras

Supreme Seabass in Clam Sauce with Asparagus Trigueros

Bacon of Castilla to the Oven with Potatoes Risolada and Salad


Lobster Salad from the Bay of Biscay with Vinaigrette and pil pil of Mango

Pixín in Hazelnut, Lemon and Shrimp Sauce or Clams Oriented Sauce

Segovia suckling pig with grilled potatoes


Lobster from the Bay of Biscay to two sauces

Cream of Carabineros

Baked Loin Shoulder with Potato Strudel Baked Potato and Salad


Seafood Trilogy (1/2 Lobster and Grilled Prawns, Zamburiñas)

Sea food soup

Grouper with Sautéed Apple

Asturian Beef Fillet with Glazed Onions and Potato Chips

All our Wedding Menus are complemented with Bridal Cake with Biscuit, Coffee and Liquor, White and Red Wine, Cava and Sparkling Cider